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Midwinter’s Eve 2015 December 21, 2015

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Traditionally, Midwinter Eve gifts are given and collected between close friends and children; but this year, Velvette Slydale convinced the townsfolk of a different plan…

Phineas Underwood and little Ella finally moved into a home of their own, courtesy of the resident carpenters, Wade Waters and Hornbull Buttercup, in late November. All of Sycamore Springs gathered any extra bits and bobs to help fill their home for this year’s Midwinter Eve festival! Phineas was humbled by the warm reception he received when he first arrived in the forest, but this…this overwhelmed him and his niece. With teary eyes, he embraced his best friends in the woods, Velvette and her husband, Slick. He would endeavor to continue his contributions to this new place they could truly call home.











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