The Unlikely Adventures of Miss Hyla Bibbit

…a small frog in a big world…

Sugarbush Valley Contest! March 7, 2014

Miss Eaton Blackberry is having a giveaway!

Epoch EB tableware set

She’s giving away a Tableware set from the new Easy Buy Sylvanian Families range.

Entrants have until March 16th to follow, comment and repost (optional). The winner will be announced on March 17th!

Visit Sugarbush Valley!


And the Winner is…… June 17, 2012

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Congradulations, Candy!


We’ll be e-mailing you soon to get your address!

Thank you, everyone, for participating and good luck next time!


First Ever Giveaway! May 28, 2012

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Miss Bibbit would like to give something away, but it took us a long time to figure out what!


I think we’ve finnaly decided….

First we have a super cute frog eraser figure! Looks like Hyla, doesn’t it?

Next is a small basket “made” by Miss Bibbit herself!
(Let’s not ruin the fun of make-believe ;)

Finnaly…we have a hand drawn collector card of who else?…Miss Bibbit!
The sketch was drawn in pencil, inked with pen and colored with colored pencils!

The back has the title, number (only one!), date, artist’s signature (that’s me!), and the blog’s address (in case you forget!).

So, how do you win this bundle?
1. Either follow this blog on WordPress or sign up to recieve e-mails!
2. Let us know in the comments below if you would like to be a participant!
3. Do this any time from May 28th to June 10th! That’s 2 whole weeks!

We’ll choose the winner randomly and will announce them on the 17th!
**Remember, if you didn’t give an e-mail address – we cannot contact you!**

Please bear with us – this is our first time giving something away! I hope you have as much fun as we will!