The Unlikely Adventures of Miss Hyla Bibbit

…a small frog in a big world…

About July 5, 2011

Welcome to my blog!


The Why

It all started when a love of miniatures and small figures combined with a love of picture stories. What better subject then a small frog figure that seemed so alone in my collection.

The Frog

Miss Hyla Bibbit is a shy little frog whose timid nature has been holding her back from having fun. She enjoys reading and weaving reed baskets. Miss Bibbit stands just over 3 inches tall.

The Artist

I’ve loved all things miniature and small from early in my childhood. Some of my favorite toys were plastic farm, zoo animals and my Sylvanian Familes; which are small animal dollhouse figures and furniture. I live and work in New York State  and have a degree in Arts and Sciences.



If you have any questions for either Miss Bibbit or LadyB, e-mail us at:
Please tell us who the question is for, so we know who is to respond!


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