The Unlikely Adventures of Miss Hyla Bibbit

…a small frog in a big world…

Links July 12, 2011

Here are some sites that may be of interest.


Story Vignettes

Carrot Creek Sylvanian Village – A YouTube channel of a friend who sets music to videos of her Sylvanain Family collection (Canada)

Life in Plumcake – A friend of mine who shares stories about her Sylvanian Families. (Hungary)

My Milk Toof  – Follow the adventures of two little milk teeth when they come back home. (US)

Plushpussycat – Stories about sewn friends, dollhouse refurbishing, and miniatures. (US)


Other Sites

Sylvanian Haven – My collector’s website that showcases my Sylvanians and similar figures. (US)

Quarter Machine Blues – My other toy blog. (US)

Sylvanian Families Forum – A message board for collectors of Sylvanian Families and similar figures. (South Africa)


Please feel free to leave a link to your site in the comments below. It may not be put on the list, but it will certainly be visited!


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