The Unlikely Adventures of Miss Hyla Bibbit

…a small frog in a big world…

Traveling Sylvanian 3 – Part 1, The Arrival August 25, 2014



“Somewhere over these hills should be Sycamore Springs.”




“There! There’s the town! Just through these woods!”




“Thank goodness I’ve arrived. What a long journey! Well…since I’m here, I guess I better deliver this package straight away. I don’t want to be rude and forget it! …. So this is Miss Bibbit’s house? Seems very humble for a ‘celebrity’. I do hope she will be nice.”




“Hello. May I help you…miss?”
“Oh! Damara…Damara De Wildt.”
“How wonderful! The whole village has been expecting you! Please come in!”

The whole village?




“Rooibosch Hill sounds wonderful. I apologize for the chill, our summer has been very peculiar with temperature this year.”
“It’s not too cold, though I am thankful for my husband insisting upon binging my jacket!”
“He sounds like a sweet man.”
“Oh, very sweet….Listen to me chat away! I have a package for you!”




“A package?”
“Yes, from Ms. Madeline’s boutique! She said there was some delay or mix up with the last order.”
“You have to forgive me…I haven’t the froggiest idea what it could be…”




“Miss Bibbit…it’s beautiful!”
“Now I remember! I helped our resident thread makers and dyers, the Sweetbriars, connect with Ms. Merryweather a few months ago. They make so much thread and dye, Ms. Clearwater can’t keep up with her dressmaking! Madeline wanted to send me something in thanks, but I never imagined this!”




“You must be famished, Damara! Would you like to go to the cafe’? It’s not very big, but their sandwiches are fantastic!”
“Now that you mention it, I could use a spot of food.”




“This is a great place, Miss Bibbit. Thank you for inviting me!”
“Please, call me ‘Hyla’. Miss Bibbit makes me sound old.”




“So Damara, tell me what do you want to do in Sycamore Springs?”




“Oh, well…I’ve always wanted to travel the world and meet new critters.”




“I work in Rooibosch Hill as a herbalist, so I suppose I would like to learn about new recipes and plants. The excitement of it all! Me! In a new town! On a different continent! Hemisphere, even! Oh, I want to see everything I can!”




“Well, you’re in luck! One of Sycamore Springs’ newest residents is Phineas Underwood. He’s a study of everything in the woods! Plants, rocks, bugs…just name it…
…and double our luck! Here he comes now!…
…Phineas! May we speak with you a moment?”
“Hmm? Oh, ah, yes! I’ll just…be right over.”




“Finn, this is Damara De Wildt. She’s from Rooibosch Hill in South Africa and she’s visiting for a few weeks. We were hoping you might be able to show her some interesting places you’ve found.”




“Oh, well, I would lo—……..ahhhhh….”




She..she’s beautiful!




“Um, ah..yes! Of course! I am heading out in a few days to hunt for some fossils. Would you…ah…like to join me?”
“I’ve never been fossil hunting! It sounds so exciting. I promise I won’t be a bother!”
“Nonsense! You won’t be a trifle at all. Um..w-where might I find you?”
“Oh dear. I haven’t found a place to stay just yet, I’m ashamed to say.”
“Finn, why don’t you take her to the Inn where you’re staying?”
“Oh, of course! I’ll…I’ll…help you with your things.”




“Mr. and Mrs. Slydale, this is Damara De Wildt. She needs a room for her stay in the village.”
“Welcome to the Foxglove Inn, Ms. De Wildt. We have a room that would be perfect for your stay!”
“Please, don’t make it a lavish one! I would hate to put you out with all of the trouble of last minute!”
“Mr. Slydale and I may not have the fanciest of inns, but our rooms are full of comfort, cleanliness and courtesy! They’re always made ready for guests; you needn’t worry!”




“I hope this is to your liking, Miss Damara.”
“Oh, it’s lovely. With such a great view of the forest!”
“I..ah…m-my room is just down the hall. Don’t hesitate to ask.”
“Thank you Phineas, you’ve been most kind.”




Oh, Finn…just what have you gotten yourself into?




Oh Rowan, if you could see me now! I miss you something awful…but I have to do this. I just wish you and the cubs could be with me. What a grand adventure this will be…




As she slowly drifts off to sleep, Damara can almost hear her husband whisper, ‘good night, Kitten’….




12 Responses to “Traveling Sylvanian 3 – Part 1, The Arrival”

  1. Santie Meyer Says:

    Wow, what an amazing story with so many lovely photos!!! Looks like we are in for an interesting ride. ;-)

  2. So fun! This story looks so exciting already–I can hardly wait for the next chapter! Damara certainly is beautiful. How could anyone not notice? ;-) xo Jennifer

  3. Aranera Says:

    Wow! What a fantastic story – the ending is so sweet :3 Finn has got himself into some trouble now…
    Can’t wait to see the next part! I hope her stay in Sycamore Springs will be great and worthwhile.

  4. Suvenkorento Says:

    Ooh, what an arrival! I love the little details, Foxglove Inn is a great name for the hotel :) Damara sure got a warm welcome from Miss Bibbit and her friends. I can’t wait to see the trip to the woods with Phineas.

  5. Mariana (EB) Says:

    Great job with the setup! Im watching closely now for the next part.

  6. Jane Chérie Says:

    Your critters look amazing! I love your story and the houses and background you have created! Looking forward to the next episode!

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  9. Jean-Michel Belorgey Says:

    Dear Sir or dear Madam,

    As i was looking for opportunities of buying old types of Sylvanian families (moles, frogs, geese, elephants, crocodiles, tigers, lions, foxes, skunks, poneys, and so on…), those I easily bought in England, Germany, Spain, fifteen or twenty years ago, perhaps more, rather frequently as Simba toys- bear family, I discovered your blog dealing with those charming animals with nice tales and photographs . I’m not specially obsessed with increasing the demography of the population I gathered through years (more than two hundred people) and settled in a large town I developped for children in a friend’s attic with a lot of districts (hill huts, factories, stores, hammam, market, souks, harbour and ship buildings, indian, turkish, venetian), and some prominent building, belonging to some main characters of the city (Ursus Bey, a turkish bear, a megalomaniac italian poney) all that along a river, flowing from the hills to the sea and frequented by a lot of boats. None of the buidings furnitures , factories’machines, earthenwares, copperwares, glasswares, baskets, foods, inclusively sea foods are not standard produces but have been collected in many countries, and in many forests, beaches, I dealt with this town, it’s history and main characters, in a book which has been published in France under the name of “Abad’ (town in persian). And it had been planned to display the town in two festivals, once in Berlin, but I felt out of form in order to perform the project and I don’t think I will now ever be able to perform it . I can just show a long photographic report and, may be, once, a film. Unfortunately, the photographic report is not as far as now transferable by internet, that’sonly possible for some photographs, such as those we are going to mail you. Il you are interested to get more, I could post, some of these and, il you read french,freely, of course, a copy of the book.

    Best regards

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