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MidWinter’s Eve 2013 March 21, 2014

The furry forest folk of Sycamore Springs have a winter holiday unlike any other.

When the woods are blanketed in white and the wind send shivers up the furriest Sylvanian’s back and the air is so cold their breath turns to mist, the villagers of Sycamore Spring take to the streets to celebrate MidWinter’s Eve.


MidWinter’s Eve takes place on the longest night of the year; the eve of the Winter Solstice. Critters bundle up and head outdoors at sundown to celebrate the warmth of friendship during the coldest times. Candles and lanterns dot the landscape to light the forest in honor of friends past, friends present and friends not yet made.


They bring greenery into their homes to remind them of the spring and summer ahead. Some folk consider it good luck for a wonderful bounty on the farms for the upcoming season.


In the early days of Sycamore Springs, gifts were traditionally given to those who need it most; those who just arrived or who were sick. Nowadays, gifts of all kinds are presented to friends and family, though no one goes in want. Blankets, foodstuffs and other warm trimmings are popular presents.


Children go begging from door to door for treat. Some adults make them sing or dance or otherwise “play” for the prizes. Treats can be exchanged for new ones between friends or at the next house and can be anything from marbles to candy, but are typically something small.  The exchanges continue until all of the children receive one gift. They can stop going door to door when they are happy with what they have, but it’s fun to see who is handing out what!


After the presents have been given and the children are finished running from door to door, the entire village gathers for the MidWinter’s Feast. Tables and chairs of all sorts are brought out from the houses and placed in one long line at the center of town. There is always a seat for everyone, even those passing through! Everyone brings as much as they can to share and left-overs are quite appropriate. Everyone shares in the clean up and the joy of each other’s company.


The festivities of MidWinter’s Eve bring warmth and light to a cold and snowy season. Among the eves of the tiny houses and the branches of the trees, the spirit of friendship can prevail over the darkest nights.


4 Responses to “MidWinter’s Eve 2013”

  1. Sweet story! I love the variety of critters you have–so cute! xo Jennifer

  2. Suvenkorento Says:

    What a festival! I would love to join in :D

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