The Unlikely Adventures of Miss Hyla Bibbit

…a small frog in a big world…

Secret Agent Man (Epilouge) May 14, 2012

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“Now, just take one spoonful of this medicine with dinner until it’s gone. Then, come back and see me.”
“I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Evergreen!”

“Package for you, Miss Bibbit!”
“Oh! I wonder who it’s from?”

 “Oh my! What a beautiful dress! There’s a note….Lady Van Deerbuck wants me to come have tea with her this evening!”

“I love my job.”

“Miss Bibbit, so glad you could make it for tea!”
“Wonderful to see you again!”

 “Thank you! This dress was a very generous gift, Lady Van Deerbuck!”

“Simply a token of gratitude for all that you have done. Agent Kelly has been telling me of your assistance in his misson!”
“You were quite the help, Miss Bibbit!”

“Thank you for everything, Miss Bibbit.”
“I’m going to miss you, Agent Kelly!”

“You know, you would make an excellent agent yourself, Hyla.”
“Hmmmm….I might try that one day!”

 “I’m off for my next adventure!”

About Secret Agent Man!

Agent Kelly is part of a traveling toy event. He began his journey in Ireland and made his way to me on his second stop. He is now on his way to the Western USA!

Behind some of the items:
Miss Bibbit’s cape and mask were made by me, as well as the comic book “Lady Lilly”.
The white cat figurine was purchased in the Japan section of Epcot.
The sandwiches, sushi and tea set are from a friend in Thailand.
The diamond is a part of another action figure.
Miss Bibbit’s dress was made by a friend. You can get one here:

Hope you enjoied this adventure!

PS: The Artist made a cameo! I am the Velma in the Scooby Doo picture!


One Response to “Secret Agent Man (Epilouge)”

  1. This story was sooooo fun! Thanks for sharing the little details at the end–very cool! :-D Jennifer

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