The Unlikely Adventures of Miss Hyla Bibbit

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Secret Agent Man (Part 5) May 1, 2012

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“Where are we going?”
“Our thief may be hiding in Epcot, Miss Bibbit. We only have an hour to find him!”

“Oooo! What a lovely house!”
“That’s called a pagoda, or in Japanese, tō .”

“I think I see someone by that waterfall!”
“No, it was the wind!”

“Oh no! The fireworks have started! Now we’ll never find him with all of this distraction!”
“Look on the bright side, Agent Kelly, at least they’re pretty!”

“I suppose we should get some dinner and head back to the room, Miss Bibbit.”
“Can we get sushi? I’ve never had it before!”

“I just don’t understand how we could be so blind!”
“It’s ok, Kelly, we’ll get him. You should have something to eat, though!”

“Hello? No, this is Miss Bibbit. Uh,huh. Yes. Ok. He’s right here. Mr. Kelly, it’s for you!”

“Agent Kelly here! Yes. Not in Florida, you say? Are you sure? But –. Ah hah! A decoy then? Oh. Misinformation is expected sometimes. He–? Oh dear. Thank you, we will be right on it!”

“What’s going on, Agent Kelly?”
“I’m afraid, Miss Bibbit, that our trip here has been for nothing. The thief isn’t in Florida!”
“Oh my! Then, where is he?”
“Back in Sycamore Springs!”

…..To Be Continued…..

The Final Chapter!


One Response to “Secret Agent Man (Part 5)”

  1. So cute! I love the mini sushi! Can’t wait for the next and (sniff!) last episode! :-) Jennifer

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