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Secret Agent Man (Part 1) March 5, 2012

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“Thank you for the ride, sir. Send my reguards to the missus!”

“Pardon me, Miss….?”
“Oh, Miss Bibbit.”
“Miss Bibbit, have I arrived at Sycamore Springs? I have phoned ahead for a room at the inn and was wondering if I have arrived at the correct address.”
“This is Sycamore Springs! I have to deliver a basket there, myself. I’ll show you to the inn.”

“Here we are, Mr. Kelly, the Fox Hall Inn.”

“What a splendid inn! And a warm fire in the hearth on a cold day!”

“Good afternoon, sir. I believe I have a room reserved for a Mr. Kelly.”
“Of course! Here is your key.”
“I do hope British pounds are not a problem!”
“Cerntainly not!”

“Oh forgive me! I didn’t realize the room was still occupied!”
“Oh, no. I’m just finishing spreading the sheets. Are you Mr. Kelly? A letter came for you. It’s on the dresser.”

 “Oh dear. This is not good.”

“There you are, Mrs. Slydale!”
“Oh, Miss Bibbit! It’s lovely! Just the thing I need to help carry my laundry!”

“Excuse me, Miss Bibbit, might I speak with you privately?”
“Oh..well…of course. Is it serious?”

“So you see, my agency needs me to track down this jewel thief, but I can’t do it alone. I was hoping that you might help.”
“M-me? But I’m not a secret agent like you!”
“You don’t need to be! I just need you to accompany me and help me spot clues. The theif will be suspicious if I am alone, but if you were with me, he will think I’m on vaccation!”

“Ok, Agent Kelly, I’ll help you. Maybe we can talk him out of stealing anything!”
“I certainly hope so, Miss Bibbit! We leave in the morning!”
“See you then!”

……To Be Continued!…..


4 Responses to “Secret Agent Man (Part 1)”

  1. Kate Dante Says:

    I love this story very much!! And like the scenes and accessoires, too!!!
    Very exciting :)

  2. What a fun story! I can’t wait to see more. I love that photo of Mr. Kelly entering the inn–nice job! :-) Jennifer

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